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Copper Tube Coils

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The most well-known utilization of copper alloy tube groups are for condensers and helper heat exchangers. On the off chance that you have to transform steam into water with negligible reverse and high effectiveness, then copper tubing is one of your best wagers. Copper tube coil constructs copper tubing loops to client prints.

Copper tubing is the perfect material for some applications. Its quality, the simplicity with which it is created and patched, and its high conductivity to warmth is important during the time spent building homes and mechanical structures, especially for the refrigeration and ventilating hardware introduced.

Copper tube and coil utilizes the utilization of apparatuses and tooling that take into account fast creation of copper tubing curls. Our far reaching gathering of machine devices and experienced architects, alongside exclusive innovation and substantial workspace makes handling your bigger requests as simple as the models.

Tubing produced using copper is one of the few characteristically sourced materials that are 100% recyclable, so no metal is lost in recovering copper from funnels no more required, settling on it a decent decision for what’s to come.

We are the unmistakable stockist and suppliers of awesome copper tube and copper coil, which are extensively recognized for their high unbending nature. Revelling the necessities of different business endeavours, these coils have a claim in family unit and moreover all inclusive markets. The copper coils are available in unmistakable assessments and width & groupings. These can in like manner be offered by customer’s requirements/ determinations.

Copper is lighter than numerous choices, has a boundless show of arranged fittings and extras accessible, and has high long haul steadfastness. These variables bring about a to a great degree practical tubing choice.

Copper’s imperviousness to consumption is impressive, and renders it perfect for most development, pipes, and liquid transport applications.


•     High quality

•     Easy installation

•     Sturdiness.


•     Width – From 1000 mm up to 1500 mm

•     Length – 1000 mm up to 6000 mm

•     Thickness – 0.5 mm up to 100 mm